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Fresh Meadow Mechanical Corp.

: 650 Madison Avenue is a twenty-seven story building with approximately 521,544 square feet of retail space.

Services Provided: Turnkey scope of work for the replacement of existing chillers and cooling towers. The scope included demolition, removal, mechanical installation and rigging of chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, CW and CHW pumps, piping, ductwork ventilation, electrical power, controls, and start up. Two existing steam chillers were replaced with two new 650 ton variable speed electric chillers as well as all components and accessories. Five existing chilled water and condenser water pumps were replaced with new Armstrong vertical pumps including all associated piping, valves, hangers and components. Two existing cooling towers were replaced with two 875 ton cooling towers, installed on the tenth floor roof. A new plate and frame heat exchanger was installed to be utilized for pre/free cooling operation. Furnished and installed all local control wiring which was tied into the existing building BMS.