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Fresh Meadow Mechanical Corp.

Description: Natural Gas Fired 50 Megawatt (MW) Electric Generating Facility (Peaking Unit) located in Freeport, NY. Comprised of a dual fuel General Electric LM6000 SPRint Combustion Turbine Generator, coupled to a Turner EnviroLogic Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Unit and stack respectively with the following supporting systems:
Spray Intercooling (SPRint) Water, Ammonia Injection, Continuous Emissions Monitoring, Demineralized Water, Fire Protection Loop, Lubricating/Hydraulic Oil, Natural Gas Supply Piping including Gas Compressors, Waste Water, Effluent Sumps, Utility Gas Metering Station, and Compressed Air.

Services ProvidedEPC in conjunction with Peter Scalamandre & Sons Inc. and Greenman Pederson, Inc. Rigging, erection and alignment of all major pieces of equipment. Installation of Gas Metering Skid, Gas Compressors and piping from KeySpan Supply to Combustion Turbine, Fuel Oil piping system. Furnish & install all pipe, valves, fittngs and associated hardware for balance of plant equipment. Coordinate services of multiple trades including Millwrights, Boilermakers, Plumbers, Steamfitters, Operating Engineers and Laborers and provide site support through intensive system flushing and startup until final commercial operation.