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Fresh Meadow Mechanical Corp.

Description: A seventy-five story hotel and condominium tower: The first twenty floors will be a hotel operated by the Park Hyatt Hotel consisting of 210 guest rooms.

Services Provided: Installation of a complete heating and cooling system for the common areas and guest rooms.

Heating System: Consolidated Edison steam is feed through a pressure reducing station, low pressure steam is feed to perimeter and space heating through fin tube radiation, cabinet and unit heaters, and central HVAC units. The guest rooms are heated with a four pipe fan coil unit system.  The hot water to the fan coil units originates at the steam to water heat exchangers.

Cooling System: A Mamouth Air cooled chiller provides chilled water to custom air handling units for the common spaces. The guest rooms are cooled with chilled water through a four pipe fan coil unit system.

Energy Conservation: The building will have Leeds Certification