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Fresh Meadow Mechanical Corp.

A forty-nine story multi-function building - includes thirteen floors of hotel: ball rooms, offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, and health clubs. It also includes thirty-six floors of high end condominium units.

Services Provided: Complete design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as per plans and specifications.

Heating System: Low and high pressure steam boilers, steam-to-hot water converters, hot water for 4-pipe modular hi-rise "Ritz-Carlton" style fan-coil units with heat serving guest rooms, constant low pressure steam and hot water for central air handling units serving public areas.

Cooling System: Water cooled chillers, 4-pipe modular hi-rise "Ritz-Carlton" style fan-coil units with cooling coil serving guest rooms, central air handling units with cooling coils serving public areas.

Energy Conservation: Variable speed pumping system, high efficiency motors, variable air volume central air handling units, water side economizer cycle, high efficiency perimeter glass.